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Onetastic wins TV Technology Best of Show Award at NAB 2016

Onetastic wins TV Technology Best of Show Award at NAB 2016

We like being into the game, but winning is always Best!

Our new ONEtastic Spectrum Restorer, World’s first regenerative ATSC gap filler/on-channel repeater (EDOCR) with SFN capability introduced at NAB Show 2016, received the TV Technology Best of Show Award at NAB 2016. Prize celebrates outstanding products capable to raise innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry to unprecedented levels.

We are so proud of the impressive specifications featured by our Spectrum Restorer: in a single 1RU form factor it includes a fully featured ATSC gap filler/on-channel regenerative repeater with 130 W (ATSC) crystal-clear output power with effective echo cancellation. What’s really hot is our new super-fast regenerative processing capable to fully preserve SFN capabilities: it’s a World’s first feature!

Yes, many ATSC gap fillers allow SFN operation: but in order to preserve SFN operation, you had no time to process the incoming signal in any way. Any degradation or impairment affecting the received signal will be re-broadcast, at a high power.

Spectrum constraints are coming into real also for the North American market, and broadcasters do need effective solutions to get the most of their available spectrum. Allowing a true SFN operation, the new Spectrum Restorer allows Broadcasters and Network Operators to take advantage of the utmost flexibility in the network design as well as of the best signal quality at any target location – no matter whether they are served by a main transmitter or a remote EDOCR.

Luca Saleri, CEO at Onetastic, said: “Our Spectrum Restorer is a dramatic paradigm shift. Newly developed circuit design enables the Spectrum Restorer to subsequently demodulate, error-correct and re-modulate incoming signals in a tremendously fast and effective way. This way, even while preserving proper SFN operation, the Onetastic Spectrum Restorer features outstanding EVM figures as well as an output MER greater than 35dB regardless of the input signal quality”.

We all at Onetastic are delighted that the sound quality and vibrant innovation we introduced into the Spectrum Restored were awarded by TV Technology, a leading magazine read by thousands of broadcast professionals in the United States, around the world and online. The Spectrum Restorer features input sensitivity up to -72dBm and effective Echo cancellation up to 40 dB (up to 12dB over the main signal). High power version (750 W RMS ATSC) is also available, in a 2RU chassis.

Onetastic Spectrum Restorer shifts paradigm on ATSC SFN networks and ensures the best QoS to every end-user as well as the utmost efficiency on your spectrum usage, lower operating costs and great value for money.