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ONEtastic designs, manufactures and distributes innovative equipment for analog and digital broadcasting in the different world standards.
Our portfolio includes transmitters, repeaters and gap-fillers for low, medium and high power, GPS synchronization systems and automatic switching for RF signals.
The company’s objectives are the continuous research and experimentation of new technologies and new quality standards, to create innovative and reliable devices characterized by an excellent value for money.

System integration

Thanks to the experience of its staff, ONEtastic is able to provide its customers with system engineering services, integrating its transmitters with third-party devices and accessories.
The constant cooperation with leading companies in the industry allows us to offer turnkey solutions for transmission systems or complete broadcasting networks of any type and size.
The study of the systems and the interoperability of equipment that compose them are guaranteed by our knowledge of the market and the needs of broadcasters.

Custom products

The flexibility of the development processes, the speed of implementation and creativity in finding the best technical and economic solutions, are the result of a continuous teamwork that draws its roots from the vast experience of our designers.
ONEtastic develops and manufactures equipment for broadcasting purposes as well as radio frequency circuits also on customer specifications, allowing it to operate at capacity, frequencies, standards and modes that its specific applications require.


Passion for technology

The company is engaged in design, production and distribution of equipment for the transmission of television signals, the integration of these units in complex systems, their installation and commissioning, operating with care, passion and ingeniousness to simplify the daily management of transmission networks, offering quality products at competitive prices.

Low Power

Exciters, Transmitters and Transposers OneDriver Series

Multi-channel Transmitters Multitastic Series

Medium Power

Transmitters and Transposers OneCompact Series

single amplifier

Transmitters and Transposers OnePower Series

High Power

with multiple amplifiers

Transmitters and Transposers OnePower Series
Forced air or liquid cooling

Other equipments

Automatic switch-over units for ASI and RF signals

Timing and frequency reference generators locked to GPS


For ONEtastic the quality of its products represents a key value because it comes from a corporate culture based on professionalism and competence.

Products and components undergo a series of quality tests to verify their stability, strength, durability and performance, to minimize the risks of failure and allow our customers a hassle-free management of their networks.


Ingenious and easy to install and use products that reflect the passion of ONEtastic for the design aimed at functionality.

An approach that involves everybody in all the different activities of the company.


The development of each ONEtastic product is a process that involves an in-deep knowledge of the market and the right combination of expertise and experimentation.

The ONEtastic approach is based on a number of essential elements: continuous investment in research for new technological solutions and the application of criteria which ensure the functionality and ease of use and maintenance.