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Onetastic wins TV Technology Best of Show Award at NAB 2017

Onetastic wins TV Technology Best of Show Award at NAB 2017

Revolutionary 7+1 “Common Mode” translator unleashes the full potential of the VHF Band


Our new MULTITASTIC C2, World’s first Common Mode 7+1 ATSC translator introduced at NAB Show 2017, received the TV Technology “Best of Show Award” at NAB. Prize celebrates outstanding products capable to raise innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry to unprecedented levels.
Spectrum constraints are coming into real also for the North American market, and broadcasters do need effective solutions to get the most of their available spectrum. ONEtastic MULTITASTIC C2 turns spectrum repacking into an opportunity, unleashing the full potential of the VHF Band at a fraction of the cost you can expect from traditional equipment.


Into a single, integrated 4RU chassis, ONEtastic MULTITASTIC C2 combines 7+1 ATSC receivers (VHF and UHF) with individual RF input, 7+1 regenerative ATSC signal processors, exclusive signal processing engine and ATSC modulation stages, and 1+1 wide-band, ultra-linear “common mode” 100W amplifier capable to broadcast over the entire VHF band at the same time.


The new MULTITASTIC C2 individually receives and re-generates each signal, bringing it back to the cleanest level of MER. Its revolutionary wide-band modulator maps each channel to the output level and output channel of choice, then combines all the signals into a single RF package as wide as the entire VHF band. The processing engine wipes off any mutual interference between signals, as well as RF emissions in unwanted positions of the spectrum, allowing broadcasters to do without channel filters, requiring just a single band-pass filter for the entire VHF band to broadcast all the seven VHF channels.


Luca Saleri, CEO at Onetastic, said: “Our MULTITASTIC C2 definitely shifts paradigm in multi-channel translators and transmitters. Up to now, the simultaneous re-broadcasting of 7 separate ATSC channels on the VHF Band from the same site implied a nightmare of receivers, modulators, power amplifiers, channel filters and combiners. Now, ONEtastic MULTITASTIC C2 wipes all that stuff away from broadcasting sites. We will soon release a multi-mode version, capable to fit any digital standard, including DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T and DAB/DAB+, as well as the UHF Band”.


ONEtastic MULTITASTIC C2’s modular design allows you to buy and install just the number of channels you need. At any later stage, you’ll be able to install further modules to fit your evolving business, up to the 7+1 configuration within the same 4RU chassis. MULTITASTIC C2 features a fully redundant power system, a fully redundant PA scheme, fully redundant GPS and the capability to automatically redirect any incoming signal to the “+1” bay, for smooth and seamless operation.


Designed for last-mile applications, ONEtastic MULTITASTIC C2 perfectly suits also any low power broadcasting/rebroadcasting application. One or more channels (up to all of them) can also operate as pure transmitters, for mixed-mode operation. MULTITASTIC C2 shifts paradigm on multi-channel translators and ensures the best QoS to every end-user as well as the utmost efficiency on your spectrum usage, lower operating costs and unprecedented value for money.