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ONEtastic receives the Radio World International “Best of Show Award” at IBC 2017.

ONEtastic receives the Radio World International “Best of Show Award” at IBC 2017.

IBC 2017: when Digital Radio becomes Onetastic, it’s definitely BEST !

We already won a number of awards for our TV-related products. It was definitely time for us to add some Italian spice to Digital Radio equipment. How many equipment, how many rack units do you need to broadcast three complete DAB+ ensembles?
The BEST answer is: ONE.

Onetastic, one more! Our new Onedriver MultiD, World’s first Common Mode multi-channel DAB+ transmitter introduced at the IBC 2017, received the Radio World International “Best of Show Award” at IBC. Prize celebrates outstanding products capable to raise innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry to unprecedented levels.

Into a single 1RU chassis, Onedriver MultiD provides you with three complete DAB/DAB+ transmitters with independent inputs, exclusive signal processing engine, three DAB/DAB+ modulation stages, and an ultra-linear “common mode” 130W high efficiency Doherty amplifier.

The processing engine wipes off any mutual interference between signals, allowing broadcasters to do without the usual array of RF combiners and channel filters: the Onedriver MultiD features just a single RF antenna connector which delivers all the three signals properly combined thanks to the “common mode” amplification concept, requiring just a single band-pass filter.

The output power can be individually set per each of the channels in use to fit compliance requirements. Onedriver MultiD also supports individual SFN operation for each DAB/DAB+ emission, and features a built-in GPS receiver.

Luca Saleri, CEO at Onetastic, said: “Our Onedriver MultiD definitely shifts paradigm in multi-channel DAB/DAB+ transmitters. Up to now, the simultaneous broadcasting of 3 separate DAB/DAB+ ensembles from the same site implied a bulky combination of modulators, power amplifiers, SFN adapters, channel filters and combiners. Onedriver MultiD wipes all that stuff away from your sites, at a fraction of the cost you can expect from traditional equipment.”.

Onedriver MultiD enables the utmost level of flexibility: need to broadcast all the 3 DAB/DAB+ ensembles? Just do it. Need less? Onedriver MultiD’s modular design allows you to buy and install just the number of transmitters you need: at any later stage, you’ll be able to expand its capabilities to fit your evolving business.

Both the power amplifier module and the power supply unit included into the Onedriver MultiD can be easily and individually replaced while the chassis is on its frame.

Designed for last-mile applications, ONEtastic Onedriver MultiD saves footprint at transmitter sites and perfectly suits also any low power broadcasting application, including road and railway tunnels coverage.