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ONEtastic receives the Best of Show Award for OneCompact P at the IBC 2015

ONEtastic receives the Best of Show Award for OneCompact P at the IBC 2015

ONEtastic OneCompact P, an highly integrated all-in-one TV Transmitter featuring the ONEtastic wideband Doherty high-efficiency technology, received the Best of Show Award by TV Technology Europe at the IBC 2015.
Judged by an independent panel of international experts, the TV Technology Europe Best of Show Award is one of the most competitive and prestigious awards presented during the IBC Show. The judging criteria assessed products for their design, features, cost efficiency, and performance in serving industry professionals.

The new ONEtastic OneCompact P was the only transmitter able to get the TV Technology Europe Best of Show Award. The new OneCompact P raises the bar of power density to unprecedented level: the ultra-compact 3RU case hosts a complete TV transmitting station broadcasting up to 600W rms (COFDM) or 750W rms (ATSC) with unparalleled efficiency, adaptive precorrection and almost any available input interface (satellite receiver, ASI, SMPTE-310, IP, RF, with integrated CAS decryption) to fit any TV application.
Integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver for accurate synchronization and SFN operation is also available.
Like any transmitter from the OneCompact family, OneCompact P fully supports the DVB-T/T2/H, ISDB-T/Tb, ATSC, PAL, NTSC, DAB/DAB+/T-DBM modulations, with a powerful echo canceller module to allow in-channel repeater use.
Luca Saleri, CEO at Onetastic, said: “Everyone at Onetastic is thrilled by this Award. We all made our best effort in developing a new integrated transmitter capable to re-define the industry standards in terms of flexibility, power density, high efficiency. Our OneCompact P is the ideal solution for densely populated TV transmitting sites to ensure a clear and powerful signal with plug-and-broadcast installation and no need of external modules (satellite receiver, GPS module, interface adapter) and the relevant interconnection cables.”

Not only ONEtastic OneCompact P saves room space and the relevant rental costs: featuring a very high efficiency, OneCompact P provides broadcasters with huge and immediately visible energy cost savings and relaxed requirement for cooling power. The front TFT touch-screen display and the web GUI allow easy configuration and operation checks. Remote control via SNMP and GPIO is provided as a standard.

The OneCompact P not only raises the bar of efficiency and of power density; by weighing just 21 kg, it also allows easy, comfortable and safe Handling.